Dividend Check Presented to The State Association of Missionary Baptists

by JGA News on February 9, 2016

Jeff Brantly, CEO of James Greene & Associates presented a dividend check to The State Association of Missionary Baptists at East Union Missionary Baptist Church. The dividend check this year was $131,102. This represents the largest dividend check given to the association. The coordinated efforts of James Greene & Associates, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and associated ministries have produced great results. The dividend is provided when associated churches and ministries that insure with Brotherhood Mutual have losses that are better than expected. The dividends have been used in various areas of Arkansas to help “advance The Kingdom”. Jeff Brantly said “It is a pleasure to present this check. Our agency is committed to partnering with our clients and this is just one example”.

State Association of Missionary Baptist

Pictured above: Pastor Verlon Wood, Missionary Committee Chair; Jeff Brantly, CEO; James Calhoun, Treasurer.

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