JGA Founder Jim Greene Shares His Passion For Serbia

by JGA News on February 20, 2015

It is always good to have the founder of our agency back in the office for a visit. This year our 2015 Annual Training meetings began with a little background and history of How it all began… with founder Jim Greene. The agency has experienced tremendous growth for more than 50 years that started with a small office in his home in 1960 to becoming among the top 5% Property & Casualty agencies nationwide.

Always the visionary and never one to sit on the side lines, Jim continues to remain active with the agency. Currently his passion for missions has led him to establish Linking Partners Ministries. This ministry is focused on planting churches and helping the people of Serbia. Jim and his daughter LaJauna Oswalt, who currently serves as Director, shared how the Lord has used them to work among the Serbian people through bible studies, training pastors to start new churches, offering humanitarian and educational assistance and fostering strong relationships between all parties. There are many opportunities to serve from going on mission trips, becoming a financial partner, to crocheting or knitting warm hats that are distributed to the children. It was a blessing to hear all that God is doing in this vital ministry and to go back in time and see where Jim’s work began. Please visit the Linking Partners website to learn more about this ministry to the people of Serbia.


Jim Greene


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